I’m Daniel Subero

About Me

I am a venezuelan Graphic Designer. I have worked for many international firms for years. I have strong ability to visually conceptualise abstract ideas.

I break the communication barriers with intelligent design solutions. I strongly know the meaning of the words: Creativity, Responsibility and Efficiency . I have led groups of designers.
I know to keep control in a strong pressure situations  to get acurate results.

I am willing to learn every day, for me a customer satisfaction is the first. I dream with fonts, to find a new color, and the 4th dimension of the objects.


Editorial Design

I have worked in the design, creation and production of editorial material, I know perfectly the process from design to delivery of the material.

Editorial design involves many steps that must be followed and respected in order to have a product on time and with excellent quality. Knowing how to involve the different people who work on an editorial product is a matter of experience that requires a lot of coordination, tact and patience to be able to handle stress and solve last-minute problems

Corporate Identity

Create the corporate identity of a company. Involves, having to form a very close bond with the client to achieve a true results.



Creating the image of a business or institutional entity is to get fully involved with a business philosophy, from knowing its activities to employee policies. Until his future plan. This is work that must be taken very seriously and cannot be underestimated. Corporate identity is the graphic face of a public or private body. And on that depends the treatment that it offers to its public employees and suppliers.


Illustration is an integral part of design that a good designer must master. 



A comprehensive designer must master illustration, and that’s help go beyond what a computer allows. You must use new and old techniques. This will allow your freedom to create better designs and enrich any work. Also have the ability to propose your ideas.



I consider illustration must be something that everyone linked to visual expression must master.

Web Design

Web Design is a process that takes time to find the balance between design and usability that makes a website attractive 



Creating a web page with personality that is friendly and invites users to browse it is a process that takes time and that many designers are not willing to try until they reach an optimal result. Web design is much more than aesthetics, I have advised many companies throughout my experience resulting in years of practice in usability and design.

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